Updates to Fixed Input Problems With Pocophone F1 Tested

The developer of Pocophone today shares some updates on the Pocophone F1 operating system. Among them is the contact time delay problem as well as input problems on Pocophone F1.

The Pocophone party said they had tested some optimizations in the beta of the operating system for the Pocophone F1, and are expected to introduce it to everyone as soon as possible.

Previously, many Pocophone users say they have input problems – which make a big impact if you play games, or quickly type on the smartphone.

This upcoming update is expected to address some of the problems.

In addition, the Pocophone also said they were not able to offer Widevine L1 support for streaming this year, and are expected to introduce it in 2019 later. Widevine L1 support is required for streaming services like Netflix in displaying content at HD resolution.

For Pocophone F1 users, it may be necessary to look forward to the beginning of 2019 to receive software updates that address these issues.


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