PUBG Mobile Players Can Now Play On A New Map – Vikendi

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular chefs, with over 200 million players worldwide. Finally, in continuing to offer attractive content to users, PUBG Mobile has already added a new game map offering, named Vikendi.

Vikendi is a map that takes locations around the snowy areas. Interestingly, through this snowy map, it also captures the footprints and snowmobiles – allowing you to know where the enemies are and so on. This also leads to a more strategic game form than some of the previous game maps.

The new gameplay is also a bit compact – where it is positioned between Sanhok and Ergo maps, as well as bringing the gameplay slightly faster.

For those of you playing PUBG Mobile, you can download and play the game Battle Royale in this new map today.


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