Price Factors Causing Apple To Develop iPhone Sales In India

Apple sees India as a market that has good potential to boost iPhone sales. The plant was opened in India last year to get Made in India incentives to reduce the selling price of the device. Although Apple is still failing to increase their sales in India until some executives have resigned.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the main factor of Apple’s failure to grow sales is because the price of the device is too expensive. Every 1 in 4 Indians have smartphones, but the highest sales segment is devices within $ 250. Only the iPhone SE is sold at this price while the newer device reaches $ 1950 a.

This is not surprising since India is a developing country that is not known for its richness. In recent times Xiaomi has recorded the highest sales in India as their highly capable device belongs to the majority of users in India. They have intercepted Samsung as the device manufacturer with the largest market. At the same time sales according to Canalys, iPhone sales have dropped 40% when compared to 2017.


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