Microsoft Filed Magnetic USB-C Usage Patent – Facilitates Cable Connection To Device

Microsoft, as a giant companies often file patents aimed at using in upcoming products, or simply protecting their innovation. Most recently, Microsoft was seen filing a patent for the use of a magnetic USB-C system on devices like Surface.

For information, nowadays, Surface Pro 6 still uses its own charger. However, since Surface Go has begun using USB-C, we may see changes to the Surface Pro charging panel next year. Whatever, revert to this patent, it’s not just an ordinary USB-C, but also comes with magnetic support. 

Through it, Microsoft shows the integration of the use of two types of cables. When a non-magnetic USB-C cable is connected – it activates a special latch system to connect the cable. On the other hand, if a magnetic support cable is used, it does not activate the latching system, but instead uses magnetic support to make it easier for users to connect and remove it.

With this magnetic system as well, Microsoft seeks to make it easier for users to connect and unplug a cable with no high power requirements as it is today. In addition to USB-C, Microsoft is also seen wishing to use the system more or less the same on other connectors on the device.

Whatever, as always, is currently just patent filing only, and it’s no longer known when it will be present on Microsoft’s output devices.


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