How to Install Themes On Android Phones Using Andromeda X Substrate

Most Android users using Android smartphones are due to the custom ability of the underlying thing to change the system. Many popular Android smartphones on the market now use their own launchers like Samsung with Samsung Experience 9.0, Xiaomi with MIUI and Huawei with EMUI.

Devices with this interface allow users to change themes, use some additional features and also provide different usage experience. But what about Android smartphones using Android that do not have theme support?

Here we will teach you how to install themes on smartphones that use native Android Oreo using Substratum Theme.

Step 1: Download the Substratum Theme app in the Play Store.

How to use this app usually requires the user to have a smartphone already rooted. But our focus is on how to install this Substratum Theme without root processing.

Step 2: Buy andromeda apps substrate stock rootless backend 8.0+ through Play Store.
Step 3: Download the Andromeda desktop server
Finished download open .zip file and open “start_andromeda.bat” file and connect your smartphone to PC.

Open the file, press any key to continue. The program will run its operations and if successful Substratum Theme application you installed will be launched automatically.

Step 4: Download or purchase any Substrate theme in the Play Store.

Re-open the Substratum app and press on the theme of your choice. Press Next and press select your Android version as well as your device and press the button to select all options. Scroll down and check, as some versions of the app do not support this theme app. Search for an app with a warning sign, and select an app version. If your application version is not listed delete the tick on the check box.

Step 5: Final step
When finished, press the icon at the bottom and select Build & Enable. Finish the process, shut down and restart your smartphone. Just stay smart, you’ll see your phone’s interface different and changing.

We are focusing on genuine Android Oreo because it rarely has problems when installing themes through this Substratum. That’s all the tutorials to install Substratum themes on the original Android Oreo smartphone.


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