China Taps Bangladesh To Supply Electricity Through Myanmar Despite Rohingya Crisis

The BIMSTEC Secretariat in Dhaka composed the meeting denoting the twentieth commemoration of its foundation with Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand as the individuals from this Inlet of Bengal people group.

More than 700, 000 Rohingyas have fled into Bangladesh from Myanmar’s Rakhine State since Aug 25 despite a military crackdown depicted as “ethnic purifying” by the UN.

Ahmad Kaikaus. Document Photograph Ahmad Kaikaus. Record Photograph China is supporting Myanmar in the UN Security Committee in the midst of mounting global weight on Myanmar to illuminate the decades-old Rohingya emergency.

Power-starved Bangladesh is investigating alternatives to get power from its neighbors.

Since 2013, India has been providing 500MW of energy from the Bheramara-Bherampur between association. Moreover, 160 MW control is being provided to Bangladesh utilizing the Tripura-Comilla interconnection.

A few ventures in the power segment were incorporated into the new credit extension of $4.5 billion reported amid the visit of Executive Sheik Hasina to India in April.

Assertions worth about $10 billion of Indian venture, essentially in the power and vitality parts of Bangladesh, were additionally marked amid the visit.

The power secretary said the BIMSTEC nations can advance with collaboration and gain a genuine ground in a provincial network.

“I think some of the time we ought to likewise get off I need to win. We should advance with one target that we will win together which is a win-win circumstance,” Kaikaus said.

He said the legislature is additionally in talk with Nepal and Bhutan for control network.


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