Acer Nitro 50 Desktop And Acer Nitro 5 Acer Laptop To The Malaysian Market

At the Acer Global Press Conference in New York last month, Acer announced the presence of a desktop computer based on the Nitro series, Acer Nitro 50.

In terms of specifications, the Acer Nitro 50 desktop comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 Coffee Lake CPU, 8GB DDR4 memory and 128GB SSD storage and 1TB hard drive.
In terms of graphics, the Acer Nitro 50 is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, which allows it to play a number of popular games such as Counter Strike: GO, League of Legends and DoTA 2.

Acer Nitro 50 computers are also present with a built-in Qi non-built-in charger accessory, if the buyer wants them.

In the meantime, Acer Malaysia also announced the update for Acer Nitro 5 laptop, which will come with three models present with different CPUs, including Intel Core i5-8300H, Intel Core i7-8750H and Intel Core i7 + 8750H.

Other specifications on this Acer Nitro 5 laptop include 4GB of DDR4 memory, and 1TB hard disk storage which also comes with 16GB Optane memory, which speeds up the hard disk data transmission rate.

Acer Nitro 50 will be sold at RM4239 at the end of July, while Acer Nitro 5 laptops will be sold in early July at a price starting at RM2999. RM3599 and RM3999 depending on the CPU specifications.

Acer Nitro 5 laptops will be sold in early July starting at RM2999, RM3599 and RM3999 depending on the selected CPU model.


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